Gemeinsame Jahrestagung der SGNP and SACD

Published on 13-11-2019
Annual joint symposium of the Swiss Academy for Childhood Disability and the Swiss Neuropediatric Society Mittwoch 13. November 2019 13:00-18:30 UhrDonnerstag 14. November 2019 08:30-17:00 Uhr Kanto...

Combined AACPDM 73rd Annual and IAACD 2nd Triannual Meeting

Published on 18-09-2019
"We are excited to welcome you to Anaheim for the combined 73rd American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) Annual and 2nd Triannual International Alliance of Academies of...

The Color Run Lausanne 2019

Published on 08-09-2019
You want to participate in this great party and parade at the top of the race for colors of Handi-Capable?Book your bibs here from August 10th. Attention there will be only 100 kits available! Read mo...

27th European Social Services Conference (ESSC)

Published on 05-06-2019

ISNEREM 2019, Toxin Academy MasterClass

Published on 30-05-2019
Prof. Alberto Esquenazi Congress Chair, Prof. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Department Chair and Chief Medical Officer at MossRehab, Einstein Healthcare Network Philadelphie USA Dr. Serdar...

EACD 2019 Meeting

Published on 23-05-2019
www.eacd2019.orgStart here  

Funeral of Elsbeth Köng

Published on 30-04-2019
Location and TimeReformierte Kirche, Hinwil (Near Zürich)Tuesday, April 30, at 2pm Esbeth was a great person and a significant milestone for the early treatment of children with cerebral palsy. She...
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