Helping earthquake victims in Nepal, David’s story

Published on 25-07-2015
For many years ICPS has had a member organisation in Nepal, the headquarters are based in Kathmandu. ICPS has worked closely with them taking a team to work with the children, the staff and parents....

A dream career with love, Shahedeh Dehghani

Published on 27-04-2015
After working in the corporate world for four years, I decided to quit and pursue my dream. My dream is to work in a Cerebral Palsy Society as I was born with Spastic Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy. The co...

What is a Joelette?

Published on 27-02-2015
A Joelette is similar to a palanquin or litter, a portable chair carried on long poles with one supporting wheel. The Joelette creates the possibility for people with a motor disorder to explore na...
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